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CV de Consultant en Mangement et Systèmes d'Informations / Ingénieur Biomédical, cherche un emploi de Ingénieur R&D / : cv

Healthcare Engineering Application

Code CV : 5a4e392782d590ae
Date de dernière connexion : 2018-01-04

Monsieur Ké... C...
75013 Paris

Situation actuelle:
Secteur d'activité actuel : Conseil aux entreprises
Taille de l'entreprise : + de 1000 salariés
Fonction actuelle : Consultant en Mangement et Systèmes d'Informations
Nombre d'années à ce poste : 1 à 2 ans
Nombre de personnes sous mes ordres : 1 à 5 personnes
Salaire annuel : 40000.00 EUR
Expérience Totale : 1 à 2 ans
Disponibilité : Préavis 3 mois
Poste recherché:
Fonctions: Ingénieur Biomédical, Product Manager,
Secteur d'activité: Santé, Biotechnologies,

Type de contrat souhaité: CDI
Temps de travail souhaité: Temps plein, Travail le WE
Salaire Annuel Minimum / Souhaité: 42000.00 / 0.00 EUR
Etudes :
Dernier niveau d'etudes validé avec diplome : Bac+5
Dernier diplome : Diplôme d'ingénieur Arts & Métiers Master International de Biomécanique (Institut Georges Charpak)
Niveau d'études actuel : Bac+5
Autres Formations :

Mobilité :
Pays : États-Unis, Italie

Outils / Logiciels / Méthodes maitrisés
Data generation and analysis, Manufacturing techniques, Data generation and analysis, Agile Quality system, Design, Technical computing (Matlab, SQL and Oracle Database), CAD computing (CATIA)

Permis VL, PL, véhicules spéciaux
Permis B

Français : Langue maternelle
Anglais : Langue de travail
Espagnol : Intermédiaire

CV :

Monsieur Ké... C
75013 Paris


November 2016-Actual

Consultant - Talan Consulting – Paris, France

Strengthening of follow-up and planning processes using
agile methods

Frame-working and design of the customers’ requirements

Optimization of testing tools and automated testing

Coordinate with product developers, testing and consultants
to ensure completion of project requirements in a timely manner

February-June 2016

Research assistant - Institut de Biomécanique humaine Georges Charpak &
The French Golf Federation – Paris, France

Development of new approach: subject specific modeling
using 3D skeletal modeling and inverse dynamics

Team work with clinicians, surgeons and industrial partners

Responsible for the experimental protocol setup and
preliminary tests

June-September 2015

assistant at The University of Texas at San Antonio – Hard Tissue
Biomechanics Lab – San Antonio, U.S.A

Characterization of skeletal tissue mechanics using
tension-compression tests

In vivo evaluation of bone the in situ mechanical behavior
of bone constituent’s

X-ray diffraction data processing

September-June 2015

of the organizing committee at Arts et Métiers – Aix en Provence, France

Executive president for the annual school galas

Managed a budget of more than 100 000€ and 40 people

February-March 2014

internship in manufacturing - Conceptole – Montpellier, France

Manufacturing of high
quality mechanical parts for medical equipment

Design and specify 3D models
for manufacturing



Master of Science in Biomedical Engineering - Arts et Métiers ParisTech &
Institut de Biomécanique Humaines Georges Charpak – Paris, France


degree (Diplôme d’ingénieur) - Arts et Métiers ParisTech – Paris, France


Conference Paper

Sauret.C, C.K, Rouillon.O Rouch.P - September 2016

d'activations musculaires lors du swing de golf : performance et prévention
des blessures”

Languages: French (mother tongue), English (fluent– TOEIC
950/990), Spanish (basics-7 years of studies)

Communication: Planning & reporting, Project management, Technological intelligence, Seminars and conferences

Technical proficiency:Data
generation and analysis, Manufacturing
techniques, Data generation and
analysis, Agile Quality system, Design, Technical computing (Matlab, SQL and Oracle Database), CAD computing (CATIA)

Lettre de candidature

Monsieur Ké... C
75013 Paris

Healthcare Engineering Application

To Whom It May Concern:

As a
graduated engineer, I studied applied physics for the human body which include
modeling and simulation for biomechanics, biomaterial science, muscular system
modeling and risk management. I have put these skills into practice in the
research project I worked on with researchers and doctors. We were working with
clinicians and engineers to reduce golf injuries. I was in charge of the key
feature of the project which consists in creating a personalized model thanks
to a Nobel Prize winning imaging technology, kinematics and EMG analysis. I was
also in charge of the protocol setup and I conducted preliminary tests
utilizing experimental tools with clinicians.

chose to enter the International Master of Science in Biomedical Engineering
because of its interdisciplinary approach at the crossroads of the biomedical
and engineering sciences. I am graduating from a dual masters’ degree at Arts
& Métiers ParisTech, the 1st ranked French graduate school in
mechanical engineering. This extremely selective engineering school provided me
with a very wide spectrum of knowledge in biomedical, manufacturing and project
management. I am able to interact with physicians as well as physicists. I have
always been enthusiastic about applying mechanics to the human body.

To confirm my interest in this topic, I secured
and self-funded an internship at the University of San Antonio where I
previously worked on the mechanics of hard tissues and learned how to process
X-ray diffraction data. This experience also enhanced my flexibility, my dedication
and my ability to work in team.

To sharpen my project management skills, I am
working since a year as a Management & IT consultant for a consulting
company. I am applying consulting methods to design and implement IT system
solutions for clients. I have learned how to identify company needs and
requirements and develop and implement strategic solutions to propel
organizational success and elevate performance.

a careful reading of your needs, I am confident that my skills will be
beneficial for your company. I would be extremely happy to join your team and
work on projects that combine both healthcare expertise and project management.
Please find attached three letters of recommendation from: my former lab
supervisor in the US, the Medical Chief Officer of the French Golf federation
and my former lab director.

Thank you for considering my application and I
am looking forward to discuss opportunities with you.


Monsieur Ké... C...

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